Local Incentives & Enterprise Zones


Industrial Real Estate Discount

  • 50% discount off the listed price of any property located in the EZ that is owned by the IDA.
  • Minimum of $2M investment and minimum of 25 new FT jobs.

Economic Stimulus Grant

  • Grant based on the machinery and tools tax paid by new or expanding industry.
  • This grant is based on the first $5M of assessed tax value, paid out accordingly: 100% year 1, 75% year 2, 50% year 3 and final pay out of 25% in year 4.
  • Minimum of 25 new FT jobs

Industrial Jobs Grant

  • Payment of $400 for each permanent FT job created by a new or expanding industry, not to exceed $20,000.
  • This is a one-time payment. Minimum of 15 (up to 50) FT jobs.
  • Not eligible if using the Economic Stimulus Grant.

Waiver of Building Permit Fees

  • For new or expanding industries (min. of 10 FT jobs)


Low tax rates

  • Real estate taxes in Mecklenburg County are among the lowest in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Technology or Industry Inducements

  • Threshold 5 jobs.
  • Technology NAICS Codes 517-518 Information: Inducement 50% of Personal Property Tax.
  • Industry NAICS Codes 31 – 33 Manufacturing, 493 Warehousing: Inducement 100% of Machinery & Tools Tax

Employment Inducements

  • One-time payment of $400 per new job created to new or expanding industry, 5 jobs mininum.
  • Total limit $20,000.
  • Industry NAICS Codes covered are 31-33 Manufacturing, 493 Warehousing and 517-518 Technology Information.