Workforce Training

Mecklenburg County is fortunate to have educational partners (our K-12 school system and Southside Virginia Community College System) that understand business needs, as well as those of the local workforce and consistently helps to assist both with being prepared for the jobs of today.

Mecklenburg County’s K-12 School System is continually improving programs and opportunities for our students to explore career paths in diverse fields.

There are currently six pathways that a student can follow to be prepared for the workforce. Those include:

  1. Advanced Technology
  2. STEM
  3. Law and Leadership
  4. International Business and Culture
  5. Health and Human Services
  6. Environmental Science

SVCC (Southside Virginia Community College) provides continuing adult education and community service programs to fulfill the educational needs of the community. These programs include:

  1. The opportunity to pursue a Continuing Education degree or certificate curriculum of study or to take courses either with or without college credit during the regular day and evening class hours
  2. Classes, forums, lectures, exhibits, short courses, art and music festivals to promote cultural affairs of the community
  3. Various community development programs and seminars
  4. An offering of non-cataloged special courses or programs to the community’s industries, businesses or professions, directed and taught at the college or at the client’s site by the faculty and staff of the college
  5. Special services, such as a Speaker’s Bureau, use of college facilities, tours and visits and other services as they are needed. Non-credit courses and activities are offered on a self-supporting basis.